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Funerals from $2495 (Includes Casket)... We Will Fit Your Budget!
Louisville's best priced funeral home, we uniquely offer Three (3) complete, funeral/cremation service plans. There are no "Add-Ons" at Ratterman Grand Chapels, and with our available financing we are "the smart choice" for any budget...

May we send you Funeral/Cremation Care Prices or information on Preplanning?

Direct Cremation Care blended With Traditional Services
When family is present to bid final farewell to a loved-one, especially when farewell includes a spiritual funeral service, healing begins. See CremationInformationUS.com for all the cremation information the american family is looking for.
Click here to review or download our cremation brochure.

Planning Ahead Always Makes Sense! Pre Planning Guide Click Here
Secure today's cost for your future funeral or cremation care services for as low as $75.00/month paid over 5 years. Click here for more information on Pre-Planning

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